Friday, October 08, 2010

Goofiness of Home Life

Ii is going to be another goofy day, here on the home front.

I'll take goofy. Goofy is good. Especially when you are sleep deprived.

..and I am definitely sleep deprived. To be expected in a house with two teens and an infant.

Last night, Levi had a little pee-party (not to be confused with tea party) in our bed. 3a.m..I am bathing him..and changing clothes..and..sheets...well, you get the picture.

Big B? He slept through the whole thing. (Even while changing sheets!)

So it was no surprise that I was a tad punchy at 6 this morning when the little man finally returned to sleep..just as Big B's alarm went off. I realized there was no point in trying to go back to bed...and then? I got the giggles.

I found it amusing that we were lighting the fire-place for the second morning in a row..when we knew the weather would reach the 80's mid-day. But..our heater is broken. (Yes..there is always something broken) it helps take the chill out.

I get the giggles at the ludicrousness of the entire situation. Then..I know..with a cup of coffee in my hand. (I forgot I was holding it)..and you got it. I pour the coffee on my head!  It took me a few seconds to figure out what was pouring down my hair...luckily it was luke-warm. I must have looked absolutely insane.

Big B looks at me and can't stop laughing.God..he says..I sure hope you get some sleep tonight. I picture him in bed as I am trying to change the sheets..and this, too, strikes me as funny.

But I can't get mad. Because..if I were working as much as he has been? I would be dead to the world.'s a nice change Because yesterday I was feeling so whiny. (..and no..I am not losing my mind here)

Actually, ridiculously whiny.

Why? Because I want clear direction as to what I am doing in my life. (I know..who doesn't).

This new desire to know what I'm doing when I grow up started with the grant-writing last week. I really enjoyed it. Weird as that may sound. There is something really cool about grant writing. It's like a puzzle..only with the written word. Which if you are a problem solver who stinks at aesthetics, like a good thing.

Selfishly? I got to hang out in an office. Visit with other adults...listen to other people's kids in distress...and solve a written puzzle.Also? I started day-dreaming about working...and then followed up on the dream by applying for a job. (Hence..leaving the possibility open) Then? Top it off  with a weekend full of love and and laughter with old friends?

Who wants to return to the daily grind.

Monday I received a call from anonymous job. For a variety of reasons, they will be postponing filling this position for several months. Would I please consider reapplying then and working on a contractual basis in the meantime. Instead of being relieved because it is more practical for all of us at home..I find myself a tad disappointed.

I realize later that I am more disappointed for Big B's sake than anything. I mean lets face it..being the sole provider for a family of 5+ is a lot of pressure. I wanted to be able to take off some of the pressure. Otherwise..well..I have waited a long time to have this sort of time with my family. I do enjoy it...even if the family is weird.

..and they are a tad goofy..

Levi is showing me just how goofy we are. As I see more of his own personality developing..I realize that being goofy is such a luxury. 

For instance..he has acquired a fuzzy pink hat. We originally handed it to him as a toy. It vanished for a few weeks and recently resurfaced when I cleaned under my bed. The kiddo LOVES this hat. He wears it as much as possible. How does a 4-5 month old know to put a hat on his head?/ Then..I look at his cousins. Just in the past few weeks Levi has become more and more enamored with Cody and Austen.

Cody...wears a baseball cap often. Austen..a fedora (yes, with dreads and all). So...I suppose it is only natural that Levi would wear a pink fuzzy hat.

Then there is the opera. The boys listen to music in their rooms in the evenings. I usually happen to keep the t.v. on the coffee house station in the mornings. So one morning we accidentally passed the opera channel. There is a beautiful tenor singing..and Levi is attentive. So attentive, that he tries to sing along. Since then, we have turned the t.v. onto the opera station every early a.m. (Still coffee house when we are studying and stuff). He still sings every single time a tenor comes on. Levi is NOT a tenor..but he thinks he is.

The list of goofiness is endless. But what a be able to be oneself in the safety and comfort of home. I embrace it fully.

Now..I am off. The boys are hanging in the living room, writing an obituary for Sherlock Holmes.And then we can put Holmes to rest. (no pun intended) Next week?

Canterbury Tales. Because I am just sure that the 14th Century British version of Saturday Night Live will eliminate all goofiness.

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