Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Welcome to House Lived-In

  (Sigh..Grin) Well..I'm not in Oakland anymore! Lot's of quick reality breaks in the past week. But glad to be home  nonetheless. I am extending an invite to all my Mills friends (and old St. Anthony's crew or out-of town family) to come visit!!!  You might be surprised at what Hill Country Texas has to offer. So, just in case you are interested..I invite you on a tour of house lived in.

This is the last paved road outside of my subdivision. Occasionally, you may have to wait for traffic.

 Once you enter our home you will be greeted by Dino.Dino is our official greeter/shoe guarder. There will ALWAYS be a pile of shoes.Feel free to kick yours off and come on in.

More than likely, you will next be greeted by the dreaded boy. Austen will greet you in our living room. He will share his latest talent (this week it is guitar drumming) and tell you his latest tale. Here he is regaling us with tales of a recent snake chasing, skinning, cooking over a campfire and finally snake- tasting adventure. Ooh. Gross! 
  We are not picturing Cody because he will be ghost-like. He will enter the room. Say hello. Share some dry humor..and vanish as quickly as he came.

If you take 5 steps through our living room (possibly over a circle of children playing Quelf) you will enter our dining room. Yes..it is frequently surrounded by a ridiculous amount of chairs. You  too, may join us around a crowded dining room table. We will offer you a beverage of choice (lemonade, tea..hot or cold, water, beer or wine) Unless it is nice weather and the mosquitoes are on vacation. Then? We will move this dining experience to the back deck.

If you veer to the left you will be in our kitchen. This is where it all happens. Conversations, spills, wine pouring, more conversation. There is not usually a table in the kitchen..that was temporary to hold presents for a baby shower. At the far end of the kitchen is Levi's corner/toy room/music room/laundry room. It is the second most used room in the house.
 But don't expect to find Levi there unless he is wide awake. Otherwise..someone will be wearing him or he will be sleeping here. In our bed. Our bed has mysterious sleeping powers. Children between the ages of birth-18 often find there way to it. The older boys say it is because Big B and I hoard all the good blankets. Could be.

Not to worry. If you choose to visit..we have pull out couches, boys bedrooms and a tree-house in which you may crash. .

And best of all?

The great outdoors. (Not pictured here) Complete with 4 wheelers, tree-house, chickens, deer, garden sort- of, a river(complete with tubes shallow/deep areas and rope swings), a camp-fire, trampoline and a deck to just enjoy the view from...and sporadic hole-digging under the deck.

Okay. Crying baby and need to get the rest of these Texas boys and friends moving to study some econ.

Hope to see you soon!

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