Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Sexy Mom!

Yup..that's me.

At least according to the facebook quiz guru from "What kind of Mom are You?"

My quiz results come with a picture of a half naked girl leaning on a car and everything. Which, by the way, I really don't get. I've never equated naked with sexy. I mean really. A tender act...a flirty assertive (not aggressive) gesture..these things..I may find occasionally sexy. But nakedness?

Okay, picture of girl and car or not? I'll take the quiz results. Why? Because it is coolio.

I expected to get, you know.."soccer mom", "neurotic mom", "kool aid mom" but nope. Sexy. ..and the best part is. I can horrify my children.

I mean let's face it...this is the family that says things at dinner like Mom...(total exasperation in voice) you are sounding like a GIRL!! (This is usually when I am trying to explain how to be nice to someone..or something along those lines)  I often respond to this  passing commentary with Hello! I hate to burst your bubble..but I AM A are my child..I gave birth to you and everything...that's how that works.

This usually involves laughter from my brilliant boys because the thought of mom as any gender is just amusingly ridiculous. Then, inevitably..the boys look to Big B for affirmation that I am not saying I am from mars or something. He usually responds with a surprised look..and's true..your mom really is a girl. And dinner continues.

  According to the facebook quiz? .I am sexy because, among other things, I take control of a situation in a cool and calm manner. Yes..I had to laugh, too.

So we have been cooly and calmly crazy-busy. Not hectic-like busy. Just getting stuff done, busy. Because this is our "off" week as far as studying goes. So it's a now or another 3 weeks from now kind-of thing.

The past few days have been spent creating and sending transcripts, gathering letters of recommendation, creating course descriptions and school profile, etc. for that Cody kid.

Here he is at The Cove..some time this summer, with girl-friend Ellie. (who just had an amazing piano recital)
Ellie and her family are also going through that pre-college craziness. And craziness really is what it is!

When Brian applied to schools we did not have to provide a mass amount of extra paper-work or have higher expectations as home-schoolers. Cody? He's applying to different schools.

So...I kid you not..he has to score 6 points higher on the ACT to get into his numero uno school of choice (University of Houston's Bauer School of Business) than his public-schooled peers. 6..and that's just to be considered. I mean..I'm all for accountability and all that..but really?On a scale of 1-35..with the mid 20's being the lower end of the scale (for the traditionally schooled kids) .6+points!

For his numero dos choice ..which seems to quickly be moving to numero uno (Kettering University) we simply needed to summarize and list resources for every single one of his English, Math and Science courses during his high-school years-as well as create a home-school profile. This was more time-consuming..but it made sense.

His numero tres choice at this time (Schreiner U) ...treats him like everyone else. He's good to go, if he so desires.

Also? I just finished another day of SAM (or Parish Ministry in Training Program) classes. The SAM program is a three year program designed to train and certify synodically authorized lay ministers to serve in the Southwest Texas Synod of the E.L.C.A.(the Lutherans).

See? I'm studying hard.

Actually? Our class is meeting at St. John's Lutheran in Robstown this semester. My dad had rented a condo at the beach (30 minutes away) for my mom's birthday. So..lucky us. Austen and I hung out with my family on Padre Island.

Austen played in the water  and hung out with my nephew. We (the 15 SAM students in our rag-tag group) studied the artisan's uprisal led by Demitrius (Acts), spent a few hours discussing church administration and best of all worship! We reviewed the seasons of the church year..had way too much fun mimicking Herod.  We practiced presiding over communion. was SO MUCH FUN!! I like worship me a worship geek. Actually? Call me whatever you want.. doesn't matter.

Because according to facebook..

I'm a sexy mom!


Sardine Mama said...

I had a miserable day writing an academic portfolio for Ellie - listing EVERY text book for EVERY course, etc. Because she's homeschooled. With an awesome SAT score. UGH. Oh...and YOU have been looking at the wrong naked people. On the right naked people, it is very sexy :). And when I say right, I mean airbrushed.

Mark said...

Wait! What blog am I on right now? Honestly, I see kids that look just like yours on some other lady's blog. According to her, she's from Texas and lives on a Cattle Rach or something. I'm starting to wonder now.
Okay, you can be both you know. I've met some seriously hot worship geeks that I've found pretty sexy. But I have to agree with you on this, naked isn't so sexy. It's hot and stimulating but flirting is much sexier. I do it all the time. It's very fun! Except in church. I sometimes catch Jesus looking at me and then I feel all guilty.
I'll be back Sexy Momma.
Your Friend and that other Texan's friend, m.

grillledcheesechic said...

Hah! That is because said cattle ranch is a kid magnet..and mine keep wandering over there.
Sardine mama? I am so sorry you are having to dig that info up. I kept perusing the book shelves asking.."did you read this?" It was quite ridiculous, really.

Anonymous said...

dad and my beautiful mom