Friday, August 19, 2011

Blue Monkey Tells a Tale

  Alas it is true.

After 2 short weeks of a dynamic existence. Miss Applesauce Pants and the Exploding Diaper Band has (ahem) disbanded.

It appears that Black Rat feels her gifts are in other areas. She is choosing to spend most of her time focusing on scary art. Blue Monkey does not feel we can continue without her. So..for now..The Band is busy with other things.

  As I stated in the last of the things Miss Applesauce Pants and the Exploding Diaper Band does regularly is go for Nature Walks. Now..these are not your ordinary Nature Walks. Why? Because in addition to discovering all sorts of natural treasures we are on a quest. A quest to find a chupacabra...and that is the underlying theme of ALL our nature walks.

And so it came to be that one morning this past week..after a very long and unsuccessful chupacabra hunt, Blue Monkey pulled out an apple to share with the entire band..and said we could have a seat. He then told us a fishing tale.

You started like this, Blue Monkey tells the diaper band (because they are always a good audience). Last Friday..when you guys were not here..Miss Applesauce Pants, Black Rat and I went fishing.

We fished for a v-e-r-y...l-o-n-g...t-i-m-e.  Black Rat got some ant bites and caught a few sticks. We were not having much luck..when Black Rat found it..The GOLDEN HOOK.  So I took off my man-made hook (a piece of wire) and put on THE GOLDEN HOOK...and do you know what?

I got a bite...a pull..a HUGE..oh no. Miss Applesauce me..I cried..Miss Applesauce Pants held onto the back of my shirt while I started being pulled into the water..and then it happened. My line snapped.

Miss Applesauce Pants says sometimes that happens. And then I saw it..a Big Chinese Fish came out from under the rock.  Miss Applesauce Pants says she thinks it's a catfish. She is wrong. Do you know how I know? This one has Big it is a Chinese Fish. I think people in China really like to eat them. I've never tried it, though. 

Black Rat and I decided to declare war on the Chinese Fish. After stole THE GOLDEN HOOK.  We tried and tried again..but the Chinese Fish kept sending out it's warriors..the alligator gar . Two of them..actually..but finally it sent the ants. The ants invaded..and we had to retreat.

But just wait. Because next Friday? We are going back. And this time? 

We are gonna...

Catch. That. Fish.

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