Friday, August 12, 2011

Miss Applesauce Pants and the Exploding Diaper Band

 Rugrat Ranch has started earlier than expected.

We are letting the kids dribble in slowly..week by week. This week we started with our Elementary Aged crew. One incredibly enthusiastic and energetic 6 year old boy along with his more timid, but imaginative 11 year old sister.  And, of course, Bug.

We start with a basic rhythm...not much different than what we have been doing all summer. We decide to spend some time creating art-journals and playing lots of Chinese Checkers and Dominoes to get to know eachother better.

..and part of our rhythm is Nature Walks..and so it begins.
I think we need woodland names..says 6 year old boy. I am blue monkey

We all agree that is the perfect name for him.

What about you?? Who are you?  Blue Monkey asks his sister. She is exasperated. She has been busy following deer tracks and looking for the perfect hiking stick.  Blue Monkey keeps running over her tracks. She takes a deep breath to calm herself..and raises one eyebrow.

I think I'll be a can call me Black Rat!..and if you don't monkey yourself over there....(points to Pecan Grove) well then Bug and I are going to eradicate you.

And no..Bug is actually not going to eradicate Blue Monkey. He is in the Moby Wrap grabbing leaves from low hanging limbs and saying "I the Baby!!" and then showing off his latest spitting noise to Black Rat.

Blue Monkey is not deterred. How about Miss Nicole? What are we going to call Miss Nicole?..but then we see a turtle..and the concern for my name is quickly forgotten.

  A few days later we have house-guests. So we add Hurricane J (3) and Little Man C (8 months) to the mix. (Their parents are nearby) And then on Wednesday we add Miss A (3 years) and Mr. A (11 months) to the mix..and my! oh my!

 This is a group with some personality. Good thing, we like lots of personality.

The kids had started some spinach and bean soup. It is not finished in time for lunch. We agree to have the soup for a snack later.  I make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with a side of applesauce.

We decide to have a picnic on the deck. Miss A, Blue Monkey and Black Rat find a "Big Kids Table".

I am politely requested to "Please sit with the babies.." "The Babies' meaning..Bug and Mr. A.

And so I do..where I supervise food throwing, and help feed applesauce into open mouths. Because Bug and Mr. A were having way too-much fun splashing the applesauce.

The kids finish lunch, wash up and head to the sand-box. We seem to be missing a plate. I decide it must be in the dishwasher already.  I grab my sandwich and have a seat..right on a plate of apple-sauce! I found the missing plate?

Nothing escapes Blue Monkey. He spies this and yells from the sandbox. That's it! Miss Nicole's woodland name is now Miss Applesauce Pants! The kids all agree. They are quite pleased with my new name..and so I become Miss Applesauce Pants.

On Thursday, we are back to just Blue Monkey, Black Rat, Bug and Me. You know, Miss Applesauce Pants. On Thursday afternoons we are "doing music".

Blue Monkey wants to play the fiddle. I teach him how to use the bow and play open strings. He learns the names of the strings and practices.

Black Rat would prefer piano Thank you very much. So we find middle C and learn the notes C-G..all over the keyboard. She practices playing with a basic hand position.

Well how about you Miss Applesauce? (Blue Monkey has decided to spare me the "pants" part today). Aren't you joining our band? I mean really..don't you know how to play anything?

I just happen to have a new, awesome, guitar. A completely unexpected gift from one of the Kairos musicians.

I play The Nursery Rhyme Song..with Blue Monkey playing open strings..and Black Rat playing her new learned notes in various random order as she mumbles the names of the keys under her breath.

We sound GREAT! says Blue Monkey.

Black Rat agrees we have promise..but we have to practice a lot...and what are the babies going to do?  Blue Monkey and Black Rat mull over this and agree that the babies can be our percussion section and the dancers (for Bug and Mr. A? LIKE TO DANCE)

But we need a name...proclaim Blue Monkey and Black Rat in unison..After a quick Jinx game..they debate weather we should be called "The Sharks" or "The Resident (from Resident Evil) Princess"

I excuse myself to change Bug's diaper.

That's IT!!! Exclaims Blue Monkey. ( and yes..I am beginning to get leary of Blue Monkey's exclamations) We are....(drumroll please)..

Black Rat bangs on the toy drum...

 Miss Applesauce Pants and the Exploding Diaper Band!!!

Black Rat can't quit laughing. It's perfect..she laughs between breaths.

Bug claps his hand.

It is unanimous.

I am now a proud member of Miss Applesauce Pants and the Exploding Diaper Band.

(Tune in next time for Miss Applesauce Pants and the Exploding Diaper Band Go Fishing)

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