Sunday, August 07, 2011

Bubble Invaders...

Cody and his girlfriend Ellie had there Ungraduation/Getting the Heck Outta' Here  party this past Friday night. Neither one of them wanted to participate in any sort-of formal graduation. They didn't want any big party.

You have to do something!!!  I kept telling them last May. I was determined. Something to acknowledge that they were moving on. Something to say..Hey..we are really proud of you. mark this transition in their lives.

Finally one evening Ellie looks at me from the I ask again..Isn't there something you guys want to do???  Cody continues to stare at me with that well worn my mother is an alien look. Ellie sighs. She knows this is inevitable. Her mother and I both need some closure.

Can't we just go out to eat or something?

So it is done. Ellie's mom (over at sardines in a can) and I settle on a date in August. Sardine mama creates Ungraduation/getting the heck out of here  invites.. and last Friday. We say goodbye and hangout at The Cove.

The Cove is in San Antonio. We are not. I get the pleasure of squishing Cody and crew in my car for probably the last time. "The Crew" being what I like to refer to as "the bubble invaders". It will be a long time before these guys are together again. I soak it for all it is worth. I take pictures along the way.

Cody is a boy who is extremely loyal to his friends..but he can go days, weeks even...just by himself. He starts a project and hyper-focuses. Often he will tell us how cost INefficient something is..and then we say..yes Cody..but the human factor is there. We will make the trip not for the groceries..but to see x, y or z person. Because they would LIKE to see you.   

Hence the need for the self-proclaimed Bubble Invaders. Now please don't get me wrong. Cody actually enjoys The Human Factor. It is just occasionally necessary for our Bubble Invaders to help him make the transition.

Was it necessary for these guys to bubble invade Cody for his send-off. They seemed to think so.

 First we start with Austen.  Austen has cut his summer at Girl Scout camp a day early, to return for Cody's send off. I don't think he has quite registered he is back for good, yet. 

Here we pick up Mason. Mason has just driven from the coast to meet us in a grocery store parking lot just in time for Cody's sendoff.

We pick up Justin. Hey.. says Justin..I need to go to the bank. Once at the bank Oh..says Cody..I'll be back.  He runs inside.

Justin has a bloody nose and chooses to have pictures taken with a kleenex sticking out of his nose. I might blog this.. I warn him. Justin smiles his Justin smile and says. Okay. Come on gotta pose with us..we might not get to squish with you like this again. (Justin has squished with us many times.)

Cody is bemused. He jumps in the front seat. Come on guys..says Justin..lets get in Cody's bubble...and hence the bubble invading begins.

The boys pile around Cody. I love these boys..and I wonder...will Cody have anyone to Invade the Bubble (as the boys like to say) when he is gone?

I am grateful for the friends that invade Cody's bubble. Cody has other things to tell them.

After a few errands and stops. One of the stops is at the post-office where Cody receives his first book for school. Plato's Republic. Perfect.

I make one last stop at Hobby Lobby to pick up modeling clay and paint brushes for Rancho Rugrat. The Bubble Invaders seem to be doing their job. Here they hang out and pose at a table for sale..while waiting for me to finish.

Cody chooses to hide behind the flowers...

We arrive at the Cove.

We have an enjoyable evening..even if it is 104 on the patio area we reserved..once the sun goes is pleasant, even. Several families come to show their support of Cody and Ellie.

 I am reminded, once again, of how lucky we are to have this sort of support system. I wonder again..who will Cody let into his bubble? Will he be lucky enough to have bubble invaders in his new home?

I sure hope so. 

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Anonymous said...

That was so cool Nicole! You are an AWESOME writer! Love Kelli