Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Boy Has Wheels...and the rest is small potatoes..

 It's true. Austen got his license today! No more squishing with little peoples..or less squishing with little peoples, anyway. No more relying on friends and family to drive him places.

Those of you who know Austen's history, know that this is a BIG deal!!

So we celebrated by going to Mc Donalds!

NO. This is not Austen's choice. But the elementary kids wanted McD' we took them as a bribe. Austen was a good sport.

After a series of small errands and picking up Bug. Austen is free!

Look at that grin!

And yes..we do ask him to pick up the mail and milk.

I think I'm gonna like this!

I've already got him booked for a series of errands for the upcoming Kairos weekend.

You know, small things, like can you pick up 35 lbs. of chicken salad from Bricks at 9a.m. and drive it to the church in x town?

oh..and can you come back Thursday and help package cookies and grill hamburgers?

Yup! I'm really liking this new license arrangement!

WE also started co-op this week! It was nice to have these kids back this year. I really did miss them last year..but I am also glad we took our little hiatus.

It is the Return of Apples to Apples..and muffins. Some things remain the same year after year after year after year...

Experimenting with sentences....and then silly sentences..and then even sillier sentences.

Bug stays  busy with pots. He is not the least bit interested in what the older kids are doing.

 The teens move to the den. Away from the younger people who sometimes think the older kids make good climbing walls. The research on Millard Fillmore, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Beacher Stowe, and Charles Darwin begins...

And Bug continues playing with pots! The record is 4 pots stacked before THE BIG CRASH.

Bug's adventures are not limited to pots and pans.  Bug has also been busy refining his fashion sense.

He now wears Princess Pull-ups! We tried them on during an emergency one day. Low and behold he did NOT pull them off. As a matter of fact, he was heart-broken when we had to take them off his body.

We tried to return to regular diapers. We really did. Bug tears them off.

Not a problem. We bought Clifford Pull-ups. Nothing Happening!

So Princess Pull-Ups it is!

The boy has fashion sense. What can I say?

Super stained (but still the favorite) alien shirt and Princess Pull-Ups. Oh..and the commentary.  Bug loves to tell us his pants are pretty.

He's modest like that.

That's it folks.

One boy with a new coolio, doolio drivers license, and one very modest boy with Pretty Princess Pull-ups...playing ball together below.

and rumours that the college kids are busy, exhausted and doing okay.

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Anonymous said...

I love your blog. We are happy to have the coop back and going again we missed you too.