Friday, September 30, 2011

Deer, Trikes and Brownies

This is the week before the October Kairos weekend at the Torres Unit, Tx.  Here is a video for anyone who is interested in Kairos Prison Ministry International.

So..pretty much, I have been living and breathing Kairos prep around here for the past month. I have been given the opportunity (non-Kairos related) to preach every third Sunday at the Torres Unit..starting in December. I am looking forward to this.

But Holy Moly..for an HOUR! Who preaches for an hour? For that matter? Who listens for an hour? It will be good for me. I also have the chance to preach again at Grace in a couple of weeks. And all of this? Has brought me back to taking time to sit still in the word. And for this, I am grateful.

But ministry aside my daily actions are pretty much the same. And the routines with the kids are also pretty much the same.

      The deer continue to greet Big B and I every morning. A new development is that some of them are now coming back for lunch.  They like to see what sort of leftovers the Rugrats will throw their way.

The weather is starting to cool off a little. So the kids are spending a lot of time riding trikes and watching/listening to windchimes on the deck.

and most importantly..we have discovered (or rediscovered) BROWNIES.

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