Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Rockin' Evolvin' Revolvin' Revolutionaries

 It is Thursday, here at Rugrat Ranch. Meaning..the band has reminded Miss Applesauce Pants that it is time for this week's update.

Really?, asks Miss Applesauce Pants. Because I just blogged yesterday. 

 She is greeted by stone silence followed by a loud sigh. Did you write about our revolving?  asks Blue Monkey. Miss Applesauce is puzzled. Huh?   

You know..our re-vol-ving? Like we're revolvers and stuff?! Blue Monkey is exasperated . He gives Miss Applesauce pants his best, are a traitor look.

There is a giggle from the couch.

I think he means REVOLUTIONARIES, clarifies Black Rat. You should write about how the band are (another giggle) Revolving Revolutionaries. More giggling. Or...How about Evolving Revolving Revolutionaries. Tell the world who we are!!!

So this is the tale..all honest, I promise.

Every single day the band reads their favourite book.John, Paul, George & Ben by Lane Smith. Several times a day, actually. Miss Applesauce has never been sure WHY this is the favorite. But she and the kids read..almost in unison..this book every day.

This past Monday, the high-school kids started their co-op. This meant the band (gasp) skipped rehearsal that day. Instead they used their little ears to eavesdrop on the teens.

The teens were discussing revolutions..and revolutionaries..and what that means.  But no one of ever talked about the Revolutionary War. The Band could not believe it. The fact that the teens were discussing revolutions AFTER 1800 was not the point.  Because the band? They know this story.

So on they were reading John, Paul, George and Ben the band asked Miss Applesauce to change the names in the book to the names of the band members. For two days there was much debate as to who fit who. In the end it was decided.

Blue Monkey is John Hancock. Why? Because he is the BOLDEST of the whole band. He is never afraid to speak, run, walk or write first. Even if he sometimes introduces himself to people by saying,Hi. I'm Blue Monkey. Do you like video games? I would talk to you, but actually, I'm shy. Most important Blue Monkey  likes to write his name Really BIG. Just like in the book.

Bug is Paul Revere. That was an easy one. He is always banging things, ringing bells and the noisiest of everyone.

Next came George Washington. Who should be George Washington? Well it had to be someone honest. Even though Hurricane J and Little Man C have been busy with family stuff this week, the band voted Little Man C as the only truly honest one of the batch. 

 Black Rat made it clear that she would have to be Ben Franklin. She took one look at the band and said..I HAVE To be the clever one. The band agreed.

..and then there is Independent Tom. It was UNANIMOUS. This HAS to be Hurricane J. After all he ALWAYS does his own thing. I mean really, expands Blue Monkey,we have to chase him everywhere!!!

 and so we retell the story with our latest, more recent is a sample of John, Paul, Ben and George by Lane Smith. The revised version:

...Fortunately, Bug was a NOISY man. After his midnight ride., every Minuteman, woman and child knew who was coming and what they'd be wearing.....

....The Americans needed to formally state their separation from the king. Who better, than Hurricane J, an INDEPENDENT man, to write The Declaration of Independence?

Simply signing such a document was treasonous. And dangerous. Black Rat, a CLEVER woman, said it best: "We must all hang together," she quipped, or assuredly we shall all hang separately."

One might think twice about signing his name. Not Blue Monkey. A BOLD man, he was the first to scribble his autograph.....

..The war was won thanks to GENERAL LITTLE MAN C. Everyone thought he would make a great king for the new United States of America. But Little Man C was an HONEST man. "The last thing we need is another King Little Man C" he said. "President Little Man C, however has a nice ring to it."

now the book in it's original version is much longer and Miss Applesauce Pants and the Exploding Diaper Band HIGHLY recommend it. Because we have excellent taste, and all that.

So that is how the band has become evolving revolving revolutionaries.

When we are not being revolutionaries, we have band practice. Today we practiced in the morning in unison with a U2 c.d. Blue Monkey felt we should learn from the experts. We practiced ALL MORNING. U2 would be proud, no doubt.

Then just before lunch, we went on our Nature Walk. We could hear Led Zeppelin echoing through the hills. There is a biker ralley across the highway from Rancho Rugrat. They were playing Led Zeppelin all morning.

Miss Applesauce Pants stopped under a pecan tree. She stopped to watch the band as they played with the innocence of children.

She watched as Bug squealed and giggled NOISILY down a trail.

Blue Monkey was practising racing with the speed of a cheetah into unknown territory. Why? Because it was wise to be fast if you are BOLD. How did he know this? Because Black Rat is CLEVER..and she told him so.

Black Rat looked at Miss Applesauce Pants.

You know,we are cooler than the Sons of Liberty. WE are the ROCKIN' EVOLVIN' REVOLVIN' REVOLUTIONARIES! And then she left to pick a flower.

 Miss Applesauce replied with upmost confidence, most certainly are!

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